Ken is a self taught luthier and has been building custom guitars since 2002.

He is a true artist and craftsman in every sense. His attention to detail is impeccable.

The pride Ken puts into every instrument he builds is apparent from the moment you see it and hold it in your hands. His knowledge of wood and its characteristics coupled with his years of experience building some of the most pristine handcrafted guitars places him in the upper echelons of luthiers.

Creating and building guitars is a personally satisfying process for Ken. Before deciding on a body or neck shape, he thinks about how a guitar will be used and who will be playing it. He starts each new guitar build by selecting each piece of tone wood by hand. His numerous trips to many wood mills in the B.C. interior have supplied him with some of the finest materials available. Once all the materials have been selected by himself and/or his customer, he's ready to start.

Ken is completely opposed to the industrial approach, or "assembly production line"as likes to call it.  He takes great pride in handcrafting each piece of wood into what will eventually become someone's unique and very personal instrument.

The end result is peerless.

I’d been thinking about getting a guitar built for many years. When I found Ken I knew I had found the right person to build my dream guitar. He gave me everything I asked for and more.
— DJ Warkentin